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London icons – a long list

Posted in Thoughts by Moving Brands on August 26, 2009

London already has a whole load of iconic things.

Black Cabs, image from o.ivanchenko

London buses, image from norma penner

Big Ben, image from Rex Maximilian

Phone boxs, image from greenwood100

Policeman’s helmets, image from George Eastman House

Guards, image from MatAnt

The Gerkin, image from .martin.

The London Eye, image from night86mare

St Pauls, image from BombDog

The London Underground roundel, image © Transport for London

Johnston, image from Wikipedia

Tube map, image © Transport for London


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  1. Julie said, on August 27, 2009 at 10:39 am

    like the idea of sticking with the London icons but unfortunately we no longer have the Routemaster buses or red phone boxes. And I’m not sure that bobbies wear helmets any more, do they?
    The roundel should absolutely be incorporated into some part of the design….

  2. AGibbs said, on August 29, 2009 at 10:47 am

    Londoners can be irreverent and are definitely diverse, as it’s archtecture and it’s ‘function’ (business, home, culture . . .)

    Think Jamie Reid’s “Never Mind The Bollocks” graphics.

    Could his approach suggest a mutable, generative logo system where any ‘London’ lettering (from Westminster Cathederal carvings to Johnston to Oystercard to a handwritten sign in Peckham) could make up a simple recognisable phrase ie: “LDN”?

    Decide what the required letters are, take lots of photographs, vectorsie, randomise.

    What is recognisable is the wordshape and maybe placement, not necessarily the font. If it sits within a simple shape, does that make it simpler and more ‘easy’?

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