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London icons – treading carefully

Posted in Thoughts by Moving Brands on August 26, 2009

Any designer creating a new logo for London has to think about all the existing London icons (like Black Cabs, Big Ben and the London Eye) and if / how they can be used. The trouble is that they come with loads of baggage and most border on cliché.

What’s great about the I ♥ NY logo is that that Milton Glaser (designing the logo for the New York tourist board in 1975) didn’t start with an existing New York icon and base a logo around it. He invented a new icon which became synonymous with New York.

One of quirks of I ♥ NY is that it has become inseparable from New York City, when it was actually designed for New York State.

I ♥ NY didn’t start iconic, it became iconic and took on new meaning.

London can learn from this. Rather than referencing existing icons, like Big Ben and the London Eye, create something so bold, simple and infectious that it becomes a new icon for the city, given meaning by the people of the city.


Even NYC can get it wrong? Click here for the opinions on Brand New.


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