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Posted in Thoughts by Moving Brands on September 1, 2009
Photo by Howard Grey, London-based photographer

Photo by Howard Grey, London-based photographer

We’ve had some super comments from some of our friends.

William Miller, Director, Talent and Brand Ventures of BBC Worldwide and London born-and-bred, wrote to us to say…

London is without a doubt the best city in the world and I have travelled to most of the ones that claim otherwise. Londoners love their city and there is a feeling of a pride and collective ownership by those who belong here. Although we must look forward, we must also look back at its rich history and of course the icons that have contributed to its heart and soul – the Routemaster bus, red phone boxes, black cabs, to name a few, but now being relegated to a distant memory by overzealous Health & Safety officials or a short sited government. Our slogan should simply be “London. Don’t Mess With It”. With this in mind, we should mix nostalgia with modernity and create a brand which is both new and uniquely ‘London’. We must also not forget that “London is – Simply the Best”

Patrick Grant. Proprietor of Norton & Sons gave his thoughts…

“I loved the R.A.F meets London underground one, and don’t give a toss if it seems too military, but I can’t believe you have missed the opportunity to replace the dot with a dash (or maybe just a square).”

Patrick Uden, Executive Producer on The Apprentice and The Restaurant gave this view…

“To me London’s greatness is in its ‘cantonised’ structure allowing the rough to rub shoulders with the smooth.”

Charles Davies, EU Marketing Communications Director of Yahoo! said this…

“My simple vote – use the London Underground roundel for London, making the ‘London Roundel’ – it would be new, yet be drenched in heritage, that speaks volumes about the London streets”

And Ivo Baldi, Brand Manager for Swisscom pointed out that our…

“brilliant online campaign for creating the new London Identity finds attention in a very popular [Swiss] newsletter – http://www.ronorp.net/.


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  1. Alan 'Brand' Williamson said, on September 2, 2009 at 5:20 am

    London is a global city so should look outwards not inwards. If Rudi Guilliani ex-mayor of New York branded NYC as the ‘World’s Capital’ (It helps when the UN building is located there) then London should position itself as the ‘World’s Creative Capital’ (It helps when East & Central London are home to the world’s finest creative talents).

    Now what about that nickname: ‘The Big Smoke’? If NYC has ‘The Big Apple’, then it’s high time London becomes ‘The Big Idea’. Unless you’ve got a better creative idea?

    ‘Brand’ the Marketect
    Based in England: Home of the World’s Language

  2. studioplace said, on September 2, 2009 at 4:35 pm

    Came to LONDON in 1958. It’s my home; it’s my toy; it’s my bed; it’s my soul.

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