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London’s talking

Posted in The Journey by Moving Brands on August 28, 2009

With yesterday’s full launch of the social media campaign on Twitter (@we_are_london), Londoners really got talking – sharing their views on the Capital and our open approach.

@moodshine: New blog post: Moving Brands are pitching, and they dont care who knows it

@SSandK: Brit branding shop Moving Brands using social media 2 guide pitch efforts 4 London logo. Bloody brilliant!

@simplescott: It’s interesting to see the process behind branding a city as it’s happening.

@latt3girl: Don’t let 2012 repeat itself, contribute to the London logo debate

@sheesidd: For me, London is a crazy, diverse, dynamic place where you can be anything (no matter how insane it may be)

@flicko: London = Contrast. Rich v. Poor / Old v. New / Beautiful v. Ugly. Creates an inspiring rich mix

@ndmccormack: it really has to reflect LDNs multicultural aspect. That’s one of the greatest things about London. All nations in one city?

@davidcorrell: London is either Johnston or Gill Sans. They are THE quintessential British typefaces (and indistinguisable to non-designers)

@joshuarex: London needs more confidence in itself

@gradiate: Surprising, breathtaking, frustrating, explored, forward.

@panjapop: A london brand needs to eternally mutate, regenerate, evolve. A london brand is a truly dynamic brand

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